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24 of November of 2020

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Axarquía Costa del SOL


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  • Church of Ntra. Sra. del Rosario

    This church was built in the 17th century. On the 23rd of April 1732, the Bishop of Málaga, Don Diego González de Toro, signed authorisation for this...
  • Five Spouts’ Fountain

    This popular fountain, known as "Cinco Caños" (Five Jets), undoubtedly owes its name to the five spouts from which water flows uninterruptedly. It is...
  • Zalia’s Castle

    This is one of the oldest examples of fortification remains known to man. Elements discovered here have led experts to conclude that the original...
  • Arabic baths

    The Arabic Baths are difficult to reach and little more than a fountain now remains. These baths were used to cure skin diseases and other...
  • Roman bridge


  • Archaeological deposits

    A number of archaeological discoveries have been made: at Zalia Castle, where ceramic remains from several periods were unearthed and, in particular,...
  • Plaza de la Constitución

    En ella se encuentra la Iglesia de Ntra. Sra. del Rosario y el Ayuntamiento.
  • Hermitage of Jesús del Calvario

    An 18th-century chapel founded by Doña Ana de Bejar built in baroque style, with a square ground plan and half-point entrance arch supported by two...
  • Arabic fortress

    Sierra del Alcázar Nature Reserve. A spot situated right in the middle of Sierra Tejeda, a must in some of the routes on foot leading to Pico de la...
  • Church of Santa Ana

    This is without doubt the most significant building in the village, occupying an entire block and facing Jerusalem. A 16th-century construction, it...
 Pages 1 of 32,  317 Results 
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