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24 of November of 2020

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Axarquía Costa del SOL


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  • Mezquitilla

    Next to Algarrobo beach, it is a beach-front area known as Algarrobo-Costa. It has very stony, black sand, especially next to the estuary of the...
  • Algarrobo Costa

    A very popular and busy beach, in an area built-up with tall buildings. Has showers and a carpark.
  • La Caleta

    A small, remote beach in a natural landscape.
  • Molino de Papel

    It is fairly isolated, partly because it can only be accessed on foot via a 1 kilometre-long stony path. The surroundings are beautiful as there ia...
  • El Playazo

    A long, wide and quiet beach, as it is far from the more developed area. It is the perfect place for long walks.
  • Cala del Pino

    This a very quiet beach. This unspoilt beach has beautiful surroundings; there is plenty of marine vegetation and rocks. Visitors can go diving and...
  • Cala del Cañuelo

    Situated within the Acantilados de Maro nature spot. It is an isolated beach which is difficult to reach, within a protected nature spot. It has...
  • Carabeíllo Chico

    A very small cove which can be reached on foot by a stairs, among huge stone blocks. Visitors can go diving here and play golf at a nearby course.
  • Las Alberquillas

    It is quite isolated, in part due to the fact that access is on foot via a 1 kilometre stony path. It has a beautiful environment, as it is...
  • El Chorrillo

    These are three coves which together are known as Los Chorrillos. It is a wide, natural beach with large rocks in it, situated at the foot of a 5...
 Pages 1 of 4,  39 Results 
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