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12 of April of 2021

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Axarquía Costa del SOL


The Axarquía Costa del Sol climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers. This region’s climate is special thanks to its geographic situation to the east of Malaga province as it is protected to the north from cold winds by the Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama mountain ranges.

The Mediterranean Sea’s influence on temperatures is such that these do not vary much, either the ambient one or that of the sea; they are very pleasant all year round. There are three types of climate, without much variation between them. The coastal area’s climate between Malaga and Nerja is exceptional; the average temperature is 10º C in January and 25º C in August.

Further inland, in the valleys the climate is slightly different; winters are colder and summers are hotter. Towns situated above 900 metres have colder winters and cooler summers than on the Costa.

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