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14 of April of 2021

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Axarquía Costa del SOL

the region

Located in the easternmost part of the province, this is the province of Malaga with the greatest number of municipalities. This land has enormous potential in terms of its resources and is of major tourist interest. It is characterised by the diversity and proximity of its towns, where visitors can discover vast natural spaces ranging from mountain ranges and hilly woodland through to gorges and long beaches, not to mention the excellent local gastronomy and its magnificent cultural and artistic heritage.

Its towns comprise picturesque havens which have managed to conserve the beauty of their streets, squares, monuments and popular festivals with a backdrop of light and colour, and which coupled with its weather conditions and environmental attractions make this an ideal place to visit. For the lands of La Axarquia offer a landscape of incomparable variety: woodland, valleys, mountain ranges and coastline.

The Axarquia woodland is a labyrinth of olive and almond groves and vineyards, linked together by all the towns and farmhouses which dot the landscape and infuse it with life. A life which is also present in the crops nestled in narrow valleys, creeping up the hillsides and drying on the raisin beds.

The Axarquia Valley is a flood plain of fruit groves and gardens which continues its way up the Vélez River, with lemon and orange trees along the Benamargosa and Guaro until reaching the small valleys to be found in the foothills of the ranges. The mountain ranges are to be found overlooking the sea with their various Mudejar and Mediterranean towns, either on the hillsides or hidden in the valleys, with the mountains behind and the Mediterranean a strip of blue on the horizon. This is also the land of springs which quench the thirst of its locals, forming streams and watering the terraced crops. On the coast the Axarquia Region is characterised by its cliffs and coves, with headlands and watchtowers, beaches and gardens, tradition and tourism.

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