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14 of April of 2021

Bienvenidos a la WEB:

Axarquía Costa del SOL

Zona Profesional

Since 1987 and after the Mayors and Tourism Councillors of the 31 Town Councils of the Axarquía area met to agree objectives and development strategies which they would carry out in the future, the joint recognition of the necessary infrastructure necessary to support this development, organised an Institution where they could combines forces and pull together and integrate all the public and private sectors in order to launch a complete consolidated tourist service which, respecting its own identity, might serve as a driver for the promotion of tourism in the Axarquía area. Thus the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in the Axarquía area (A.P.T.A.) was born and began to promote the tourist destination AXARQUIA and formalise the tourist product “Axarquía Costa del Sol”.

At present, in addition to the councils more than 70 companies in the sector, Unicaja, the Granada Rural Savings Bank and the provincial council belong to the Association. On the Board all sectors and the political parties are represented because at the heart of this association participation, consensus, cooperation and democratic coexistence are a priority.

Betting on the regional unity, on the combination of interests of the public and private sectors, as much to defend as to make plans for the future, sharing in its importance and above all combining the desires and ideas on the job have been the strategies of APTA which since its beginning has been the only forum where objectives are agreed and where the cohesion of the Region is stressed through the combination of agriculture and tourism and assists in giving form to the future of which we Axarquians are worthy claimants.

APTA participates in all the promotional events, fairs, workshops were it is possible to represent the Region and make known the excellent tourist, cultural, gastronomic, sports, and countryside features.

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